My name is Juan Serrano and I’m a graduated architect by the university of San Pablo Ceu in Madrid, where I completed my master thesis.  

For over a year I lived and worked in Iceland, which has meant a huge growth not only personally, but also professionally. In Reykjavik I worked under the tutorship of Guðni Pálsson at GP arkitektar atelier. Guðni gave me the freedom to develop my skills, and let me conduct the process of some of the projects that we worked on, from the first drawings and starting ideas, to detailed drawing, construction site visits, to dealing with clients.

I’m also very keen in the development of the profession in a sustainable, ecological and social way, an architecture held by its surroundings -not only physically speaking- capable of achieving real solutions to real local problems.  

This portfolio tries to be a brief and accurate selection of the work I’ve done through the years, aiming for the simplicity on top of everything, as well as a strong conceptual background.

For further information you can click here to check and download my CV or contact me: 

︎  jserranoapalencia@gmail.com
︎ +34 661 169 080

You can also check my Instagram account for my latest work on furniture fabrication and design