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DNK / MAY 2016
Architecture school in

The city must have unity, but must also break the monotony, and differentiate those buildings that deserve to contribute to the whole socie­ty. In a country where it has not been built a school of architecture as such, where they also have a tactic on the direction of architecture, seems to be the ideal excuse to make of this building something that stands in the city.

This building should not limit the spa­tial continuity of the city, should permit indoor-outdoor communication and outdoor to outdoor, so that there isn’t an unbreakable wall, permeable in certain directions and embracing the spaces around them, taking responsibility for its surroundings

The pedagogy associated with a school of ar­chitecture is different from what we understand of it other schools. It is a process always moving, dynamic and flexible, with a clear point of departure, but with a diffuse fi­nish, which cannot be controlled, and whose freedom should not be limited.

The path is what remains and leaves an im­pression, and therefore what is essential in lear­ning. A way to suggest and take you to the limit, serves both as selection of the strongest and makes you more capable.

The architecture follows a path that is broken, and ends in different places, which takes you to get out of the way and come back, look back to see what has been achieved, and looking forward, imagining what is left. It is a path of sensations and exploration, technical and humanistic knowledge.